YouTube / Google will remove videos critical of the 2020 election

YouTube announces they will remove videos critical of the 2020 election, and direct people to “Authoritative” news sources like CNN, ABC and other MSM outlets. Oddly most of these outlets have have been proven to be biased and partisan especially when it comes to politics. These terms of service changes are detailed on the blog post up on the screen from the “Youtube Official Blog”.

This will affect thousands of channels and content creators, Youtube & Google are trying to determine what you can and can’t watch and create. There is no better time to start exploring Alt-Tech platforms such as Bitchute, an excellent Youtube alternative that is getting better and better by the day who by the way will be adding live streaming capabilities shortly. There are also a number of other sites like LBRY / Odysee (which are the same, just different sites to view the same content, Odysee being a bit more user friendly), Rumble which has exploded in the past few months, Minds, and DLive (for live streaming, it’s an excellent platform) as well as numerous other sites that do not censor your opinions and thoughts because they don’t fit their narrative.

YouTube Blog Post:

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